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Unexpected coffee

When I bought my Behmor a couple of months ago I was lucky that the original owner gave me about 7kg of assorted beans that he would no longer be using, and I knew I had 2.5kg of test beans from my previous attempt at a corretto.
Well the test beans ended up being 2.5 kg of Peruvian Segunda Wilds which had seen better days due to the humidity up here (see

I've been noticing people talk about certain beans here a bit (Indian Tiger Mountain, Kuda Mas etc) and had started to think about stocking up on some.

Until today that is. My boss just reminded me that I have 10kg of beans sitting in the server room that have been in there for 2 years or more. I can't believe I had forgotten about them! Luckily as they have been sitting in the air conditioning for 2 years the humidity hasn't got to them like it did the Wilds above.

Ethiopian Gambella Sundried
El Salvadore Finca Himalaya
Indian Kodagu Geisha

While it is no way up near the levels a lot of you seem to stock, it is enough to keep us going for quite a bit longer. And I guess I really should use these before buying anything else as they must be near the end of their shelf life.


  • Sounds good!  If the beans have been in the server room that's where I'd leaved them until roasting.  Especially as they've been there quite some time.
  • on 1398837007:
    Ethiopian Gambella Sundried El Salvadore Finca Himalaya Indian Kodagu Geisha
    I have fond memories of the Ethiopian Gambala Sundried naturals It was the maiden beans I roasted in the first KKTO roaster KK
  • I've still got probably 20kgs left, slowly getting through them, some of them would easily be 2 years old. What I have noticed is that the beans that are in vacuum sealed bags are cool, feel dense, and feel fresh. The ones that are just in bags, cloth or paper, feel old somehow, they definitely feel different to the vacuum sealed ones.  I have several that are from the same country so I can compare them, as much as you can compare beans that you really have no idea when they came in.
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