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In my capacity as a consultant, I happen to know of a roastery that is looking for someone to roast coffee in the Canberra area

If interested, please PM me and I will pass it on to the relevant person.


  • woulds a Queenslander seize up from the cold in Canburrrer.  :D Chester
  • Nothing that working next to a nice warm roasting machine wont fix  :thumb:
  • hhmmm Tell us more A, what size roaster, manual or automated, 3rd wave or more traditional ? SO's, blends, for espresso and/or manual brewing methods? Tease us a little more. Just roasting or some coffee making duties too. Would like a sea change, might be worth a road trip down south.
  • Thanks for the opportunity to build on the original advertisement C. what size roaster Main Production machine 60kg manual or automated Both. Is pooder controlled if you wish and can also be run manually if you wish, 3rd wave or more traditional ? So called 3rd wavers wouldn't know what to do with equipment as good as this. All its functions can be varied to get whatever result is required OR for experimental purposes, after which the result (if desired) can be locked down into the computer controlled PLC...or not. Externally it looks like a traditional drum batch roaster, however it will roast using BOTH conduction and convection at the same time, at whatever rate you want to try (eg 75% conduction / 25 % convection, or vice versa). Both fan and drum speeds are variable, and can be varied during a roast eg....speed up or slow down after say...1st crack, in addition to being able to vary temps  throughout the roast at various stages of your choice etc. can do whatever you like its just up to anyone's imagination as to what they may want to try. It is serious equipment, requiring a "licence to drive" at first including for people that have come up through the ranks using simpler less inexpensive equipment.  Note the business has smaller more traditional equipment for small batches, and also runs a (genuine) Sample Roaster which is used weekly. SO's, blends, for espresso and/or manual brewing methods? All of the above. If the clients want it....they will do it ! The business is looking for someone who is genuinely interested in all aspects of the trade of professional coffee roasting and to further his or her expertise and look forward, rather than a machinery operator. And so I have to go back again and say that professional coffee roasting is an apprenticeship that must be served out pver considerable time (on the specific equipment being used) rather than something you can learn about in general terms by watching videos or doing "courses"....although all information is helpful and always gratefully accepted  :) ! Tease us a little more. Just roasting or some coffee making duties too. There would be a fair bit to do just in learning the equipment at first, then taking part in all the other dutioes that take place around the roasting area including cupping everything roasted for QC, all and the warehousing to do with the coffee, green or brown. It requires a special someone.....who wants to "own" the "job", and take it further in continually seeking improvement in all aspects of the roasterie. That said, the successful applicant needs to understand that for a period at least at first, it will start out as an "machinery operator" type of thing because there is enough to learn just to get into roasting on this equipment and learn all the ropes. Often enough you get people that think they know it all and want to be the company "artiste" straight up.... The business already has a direction, and newcomers need to fit in first and prove their worth, before they are trusted enough to be given responsibilities over time. In short, patience and understanding of the total business approach need to be practiced first.  Many people when thinking about going into coffee roasting, only think roasting. That is only one part of the total deal in a successful coffee business and there is lots going on. All that said. Your greatest asset is your employees. Nurture them and (if they have the aptitude for the particular duties) they will blossom and reward in turn. These are the people that coffee roastery prospective employers, are looking to hire. Would like a sea change, might be worth a road trip down south. Body piercings, tatts, mohawk hair styles, coloured hair, hipster pants, horn rimmed glasses and armpit beards are not compulsory, and they will not be discriminated against except where people just look dirty and may not fit in to the business image. The employer is looking for the right persons, and keeping in mind that its employees are very much in the public's face, it does have to be at least in some part mindful to how prospective employees present so they don't turn the clients off. That said, people that are doing a great job can get away with a lot more than people that are not performing. Thank you for asking some very pertinent questions. By the way. I lived in Cairns for three years and in Brisbane one two separate occasions, and am living proof that you can get used to anything. I remember being freezing cold in Cairns on winter mornings, once acclimatised, and getting back in to a cold damp bed at night. And I well remember the humidity in Brisie at Christmas time that would kill you if you couldn't handle it...You get acclimatised, and its all good. Here, I can go out in shorts and a jumper on a 3 degree early morning and grab some firewood for the heater or load up the car, before changing to go to work. It aint nuthin!
  • Brilliant post Atillio, what an amazing opportunity.  With that much control one has to be careful not to get to overwhelmed by the bells and whistles.  As you stated, in the beginning just sit back push the buttons as directed by the automation and learn the beasts temperament then start to explore the variables to understand the relative effect each action has. What an exciting learning experience.  Add in the smaller equipment to continue your education of bean varietal behavior and profile experimentation  without toasting 50kg of green,  I think you have found a coffee roasters nirvana. No mowhawk or beard (face or armpit  :D), definitely don't wear hipster jeans, glasses only when reading, love to shower every day, a few piercings but not over the top and most of my tattoos are covered with a t-shirt, things are looking good. Strong old school work ethic (father was a master tiller and taught me well) Team player (Captain of a fire station) and know how to follow direction. Passionate about all things coffee and huge desire to learn a whole lot more. That was the pluses but now the negatives, only two years roasting experience and currently live in Queensland. That's only a short list of negatives  ;) oh, maybe a little cheeky. Again thanks for all the information A. going to dream of sexy roasting equipment all night. Chester
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