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Roasting the Sumatra Lake Tawa

Noticed Jonty praising the Lake Tawar from MoG in the chat box today.
I've recently taken delivery of this bean (with some of the Yemen Mocca Matari) and am yet to to drop some into the CCR.
Last Saturday at Maitland's [inadequate and poor coffee content :tearhair:] Aroma Fest, a well known Newcastle roaster offering samples of this as a cold drip, told me they are a difficult bean to roast.
So, Jonty and any others that have browned the Lake Tawa; Do you consider them to be difficult and what is your experience and recommendations to get a result?


  • Hi Kevohere Check out coffee shrub they have some great articles on approaching roasting by region and processing style . Think it's under fundamentals. Also think this is one of My Cuppa's favourites ? so might be worth a ask. If it's a natural extend the drying process with a little slower ramp up then drive her a little more into FC to get a nice roll on, dump the heat increase to a high airflow and trickle a declining rate of rise to finish. Medium roast. Had some good success myself with some Sumatrans this way but every roasting machine behaves differently as we all know. Happy roasting Chester
  • Thanks for the feedback Chester. I've looked at coffee shrub and there's valuable info there to be gained. Thanks. As I have a good amount of browns on the shelf, I will be roasting these in about a week or two. Cheers
  • Hi Kev Just saw you post after CC replied!  I've just finished a bag of Lake Tawar. Well I roast in a Behmor, but I know the bean absorbs a lot of energy.  So my control wont be like yours with a CCR (you lucky bugger!).  The thing I do with Indo beans in general is I wait till day 9 before I crack the bag. Yes Jeff might be able to give a guided profile to treat the bean well! Jonty
  • I think I went a bit light in my first attempt pulling just before 2C with these looking for a plunger/aero press/pour over brewing style. It turned out quite a fruity taste in those methods, but as a espresso was a little lacking in flavour (especially in milk). Next roast I used it in a pre-blend going into 2C with some PNG NCT organic and Sumatran Machare and it came up a treat in both espresso and aero press/plunger brew.  :thumb: 
  • Old thread revival, but I just roasted this one on the weekend on the Behmor Plus. 200g,  P3 auto profile hitting FC around 13 mins,  which for non Behmor users means an extended dry but still a full power ramp. Cut to 0% power for 30 seconds after the roast, then 50% power for another 2:45 until end of roast. Cupped it to get dark chocolate and spice, and some other notes I simply can't put my finger on. I need to rest it and come back to it with more of an open mind, but it is looking promising.  Good to move away from my run of failures with Brazils and roast something successfully on the Behmor for a change.
  • Nice!  I've not had this one.  Might add to the list as a Christmas treat!
  • I have had a kilo from MoG. Beautiful beans, easily up there or even exceed some of the great Ethiopians. Unfortunately it's been sold out on MoG, and I've finished my stash. :( Mycuppa has some roasted version so that may be the way to go - not sure if they're the same lot/batch but most probably equally good.
  • I've got 2 kilos to get through.  This is the first roast from that bag. Immediately after the roast I didn't know what to make of it.  Totally different fragrances to the Ethiopians and Brazilians I've been roasting up.  The cupping revealed no major flaws in the roast, and believe me after butchering many beans, one thing I am good at is picking up roasting error taints.  It had good colour, pre SC, I think I heard literally one snap of SC during the cool. The chaff lines look nice and even. I hope I have done justice to this well regarded bean.
  • Please answer me on this query.Is it true that dry processed beans when being roasted give off a fair amount of chaff more than washed greens.
  • Not necessarily so - perhaps it's possible. Too broad a statement I'm afraid. Depends upon the level of parchment retained on the bean after processing (which contributes to the level of chaff), varietal and a number of other factors such as if any mechanical pulping or other means were used in the final processing stages. Unfortunately = specific to the bean/varietal/farm processing method(s) - not 1 size fits all. Case in point - we have more than 17 different **naturals** in our warehouse at the moment from various origins. Some of them produce a fair amount of chaff whilst others don't. In the 4 different dry processed Brazils, one of them in particular has a lot of parchment left on the bean (a brownish skin) and when roasted it generates a lot of chaff whereas the other Brazil naturals put out a relative normal amount. Have also got a few Ethiopian dry processed and some of them don't put out much chaff at all. If you said that Indonesian traditional wet-hulled or sun-dried Robustas produced more chaff, then you would be more on the money.
  • Thank you for the reply and information which satisfies my my query
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