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NO LONGER FOR SALE:Londinium 1 Lever, Tank or Plumbed, Melbourne

FOR SALE L1 Series 1 Melbourne, Australia

I 've just ordered an L1-P so my Series 1 L-1 is now for sale.

Orginally supplied with tank and pump it was later upgraded to plumbed in. All parts are included and I have both the solid and hatch top covers so that new owner has the option of either tank or plumbed operation. Steam arm is on the left when facing the machine.

The machine was originally equipped with the plastic handles however these were upgraded with Londinium wenge as soon as they became available.

The machine has been great and it would't be going if the L1-P didn't exist.

Seals and screen last changed in April 2015 and I also upgraded the steam arm and nozzle to the latest design at this time.

Asking 3K AUD and would prefer a local sale as I do not have the original packaging. I can ship but would insist of professional crating and this would likely cost a couple of hundred dollars.

Machine is in great condition buts it's not new. Usual wear from 2 to 4 coffees a day over the last 2 years.


  • Good luck mate!  Where else is it listed?
  • Hi Thanks. Been on coffesnobs for a few days and on the Londinium site since this morning. Still early days. I've had one fellow have a look but he's waiting for the yet to be released L1-S.
  • Good luck with the sale. I heard you got your new machine too. Would you kind posting some pics of it installed?
  • Sorry about the quality of the photos. The L1 is good however the crema on the L 1-P is amazing.
  • Wow... Look at that... you've got a versalab grinder!!  Please do a review on it.. It was my dream for so long until being sensible beat the fun out of me.
  • hi. Not quite a versalab but an early HG1. Simple, solid and quiet with great performance it is a perfect match for a plumbed lever machine.
  • Nice kit DMH. love the grinder. [emoji108][emoji41][emoji3]
  • on 1441541088:
    hi. Not quite a versalab but an early HG1. Simple, solid and quiet with great performance it is a perfect match for a plumbed lever machine.
    Well that's awesome too!
  • Anyone tempted at 2.5K?
  • Not on this end mate. My dream lever is the izzo pompeii but even to get over the line would cost me severely with my better half. Best of luck with the sale [emoji3]
  • Neither here mate.  I have my dream machine and if I wanted a lever I'd be shooting for a Izzo also.  Good luck!
  • Where else are you advertised mate?  A Diadema Dual Bolier was snapped up on Gumtree recently before I could even shoot off an email.  Ther fees are nothing like eBay!
  • I haven't done too much in regards to selling the machine. Originally listed here, coffesnobs and on the londinium espresso forum. As normal the cs guys deleted my post as the sale wasn't listed exclusively on their site. Agree about the ebay fees. So no real desire to go down that path. I may give gumtree a go. If it doesn't sell I can place it next to my gaggia tell and create some sort of shrine to levers.
  • I've had no joy with Gumtree, only Spamtree/scam tree but you'll be smarter and not list a Mobile a Phone Number.  There's always Facebook for selling but it's limited to whom you know.  Good luck... pictures of a shrine if it happens ;)
  • Please remove listing. No Longer for Sale
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