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Thanks Mr & Mrs Lacehim

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Really had a blast today at the QLD social meet - just such a nice morning. As C-Man said, the best party we've had in ages. Even Jus as exhausted as she is really enjoyed herself (as did my boy).

The pizzas were phenomenal, the company great, the venue relaxing and the hosts out did themselves.



  • Yep, I'll 3rd that. Excellent day. Major thanks to Lacehim and Mrs. Lacehim. Chilli choc muffins were tops :thumb:. Wood fired pizza was beyond excellent. Great to catch up with RM & Kelsey and meet C-Man, who despite the unfortunate name :laugh:, is full of enthusiasm for coffee and packs a seriously nice hand grinder. Thanks to AM for the educational conversation there and back and showering the group with hot water from the baby lever :D :D Now on my much coveted list - in no particular order 1. RM's stash of Hond COE 2. Lacehim's Wood fired pizza oven 3. Lacehim's ridiculously big projector screen Oh, Lacehim, you might just want to check that the bag of Hond COE greens is where you left them :rofl:
  • OH yeah! Our thanks as well, can't praise it enough!  what hosts! We just hope we get invited back again soon. How big was that screen anyway?  looked like a couple meters easy. still can't get over that Pizza! best ever ---EVER!
  • I think Lacehim said it was 92 inch ? or was it 192 inch ? One big mutha
  • Thanks everyone.  I should say thank you to my lovely wife Fiona for helping today and putting up with everyone talking coffee for hours.  The weather was also nice after days of rain, it stopped just before we started, and I think I even saw a blue sky for a bit!  Thanks to all that brought pizza toppings etc. Great turn out, and great fun had by all I think.  A few missed out for various reasons, and we hope to see them all at the next meet.  The coffee's on the PV lusso didn't go to my liking.  It really can produce the goods when you nail it, but it just didn't happen today!  Far too fast! :(  Maybe the beans were a bit fresh, who knows.  I got there eventually with the coffee's though ;) but lucky for me Kelsey took over (thanks mate) !!!!!  I just don't work well under pressure! :) It was great to test the Lusso with a crowd, and it did bang out the shots, without a refill.  I lost count of how many, but it would have to be around 15 shots + steaming milk.  Not bad for something so small. :) The screen's 92inchs by the way, with a Epson TW600 projector.  Great for the home cinema experience and playing games with the kids on the Wii. Thanks again to everyone that turned up.  I had a great time, and I would definately host another one if the opertunity came up. PS, only got a few photos will post them up soon. :)
  • The Lusso was a joy to use - I was impressed that it handled multiple shots with ease. Also that it did so many without a refill - I remember thinking several times that it should need a top up by now... surely?!?? Even more interested now in the Londinum 1.
  • I should have brought my camera, hope someone got a shot of the Pizza's
  • surely someone took some pics?? If not of the coffee, at least of the pizza! A ;)
  • brilliant - thanks mate; wish I could have been there! A
  • you'll have to join us on Google+ hangout next time.  It was fantastic having other members from different states, or just unable to attend due to other commitments, just pop in for a chat, see what's happening.
  • Even had some guy from Brazil pop-up on the webcam.
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