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Best (looking) Cafes in the World

edited December 2012 in Cafe reviews
I read a thread on HB linking to this story, an amazing collection of cafes. Perhaps readers have their own favourites they could add? We saw a couple of funky cafes in containers on the edge of the red zone in Christchurch when we were in NZ.

here is one of the Christchurch ones,


  • Clinical minimalist looking fashion statement. Nevertheless it can sometimes be expensive to make yourself look like you havent spent much  ;)  But I do like the clean look. Interesting comment from someone in a blog under one of the photos that said words to the effect of....that it took 2 years to presumably do the fitout, and all they got was a an empty warehouse look!  Smart arse  :D! And of course in retail, large spaces that look empty, generally dont draw clients as well as places that look full and busy. Dont know why so many photos of people working behind a coffee machine show them looking so grim.... as if it's such a troolly roolly serious business operating an espresso machine.  In our cafe we've proved that happy outgoing bar-roosterettes that engage the clients and make good coffee, draw more clients than bar roosters that look like they pack attitude. Gentlemen! Nevertheless a nice set of photos, and hard to make judgements based on just photos without actually being there (but never let that stop anyone). By the way, thanks for starting an interesting and refreshing topic  :)
  • Ambience is definitely a factor in the success of many cafes - well beyond their ability to make coffee in some (many?) cases. The Little Pocket in Moffat Beach is a great example. They've come into a beautiful location with three entrenched competitors who have bigger cafe frontage and much more outdoor seating space. They're DESTROYING them. Not because the coffee's better (it is), but because they others had 'cheap gentrified money suckers' written all over them. The Little Pocket looks like someone teleported a Melbourne laneway cafe, baristas intact, straight into the smallest shopfront in the area - and they're killing it. The place looks fantastic. Of course, they're serving Campos beans so it's not all great, but they're good baristas and they give me the royal treatment every time I walk in the door. At nearly every other local cafe a request for a ristretto delivers only puzzled looks. Not only do these guys know the style, they know it means I'm fussy and pedantic. Whether it's just a bit of theatre or not, they usually sink the first shot they try to pour me before making a show of adjusting the grinder a little and trying again. I don't care if it is show, even at their busiest they take a little bit of time to make me feel valued - even tho I'm a pain in the arse coffee-minority.
  • I have actually been to one of them.
  • There is no product that is number one, in fact, small organizations often generate excellent coffee bean because they cook to order and don't package their beans for weeks or months!
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