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New (to me) Behmor roaster

I managed to pick up a 2nd hand Behmor roaster yesterday, in Darwin! The previous owner also threw in around 6-7kg of leftover beans that he no longer needed. Result! If most of them turn out ok, that will be a fair bit of the money claimed back from the purchase compared to buying locally.

I didn't get the machine home in time to do a roast last night, so had to wait until I got home from work today.

I decided to just jump in at the deep end, and try for a "proper" roast, 300g beans, using the 1lb, p2, c setting that the previous owner recommended. Luckily I have some sacrificial beans to use for my initial practice roasts, some Peru segunda wilds purchased from CS a couple of years ago.

The description for these back then was "Wild picked, ugly, chipped, broken, blacks, odd sized and unsorted.* It roasts uneven but if you can look past all the indicators that this will be a bad coffee then in the cup you will find that it produces what can only be described as a 5 bean single origin blend.* Milled by Cafe Perusha this coffee is sold as a commercial base bean but it drinks ok by itself.* Good body, low acidity and at $7/kg this bargain coffee will surprise you."

Now these are not just any old Peru Segunda Wilds, these are Peru Segunda Wilds that have sat in a dark cupboard in the humidity of Darwin for around two years (possibly 3 summers) so they didn't look too pretty before I even started (I hereby submit photo 1 as evidence).

The machine started with 21 minutes and 30 seconds on the clock, and was down to somewhere near 10:00 by the time I heard the initial first crack. I wedged the door open with a wooden spoon, and let 1st crack roll on by before closing the door up and waiting for the initial sounds of 2nd crack which occurred with 6:30 left on the clock.  I immediately hit cool, opened the door a bit more and let the beans cool down.

I am pleasantly surprised by the roast - yes there is a little inconsistency, but when the green beans varied by as much as they did, I am surprised the roast came out as well as it did.


  • Great work Eggbert A few roasts under your belt and you will be a pro at it KK
  • Nice roast mate. :)  Can't wait to hear how they taste.
  • Looking good mate.  Seriously good pickup!
  • I know it is still a little early to be using the beans I roasted, but I couldn't wait any longer. They are not the best of beans in an espresso but not too bad in milk.  Now that I have tried them I can more confidently try roasting some "proper" beans this weekend. Surprisingly, considering how fresh they are, they need a much finer grind than beans I have been using from mycuppa.
  • That's pretty normal, needing a finer grind, well I found that as well anyway, no idea why. That looks great for a first go, especially considering what you started with, they would have to be the ugliest beans I've ever seen  :D
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